I chanced upon a series called The Bold Type and I am totally in love with it. It compares to my love for Grey’s Anatomy and not too many series’ can match that. Love it. Love it. Love it. Watching it, I have decided I need to get back to that space where I am bold with my writing because I have been a bit, too politically correct? Writing what I think people want to read or not writing at all. Sad (insert Trump’s voice)

No more. This is my first bold move. To go back to being authentic in my writing and to speak my truth. I cannot remember where it was I read, wait, it was a post on medium that had the title, ‘If you are in my life, I will write about you.’  The writer went on to say that she may not identify the people by their real names, but if they read her words, they would know. I am getting back there because truth is, as a writer, your life is your own muse and your experiences create the canvas for you to unleash your art.

No more excuses. No more fearing what others will say about my writing because guess what, they are mine.

To being bold, every day; in the big and small things! 


Ms. Mollah


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