The journey of Love…

Love is a beautiful thing; but it’s also a difficult thing. It takes a lot of work. Opening up to someone, letting them in, sharing yourself with them; your good, bad and ugly. 

It is a scary thing. At times you love and you don’t get the love back, from the person you so badly want to love you. It can break you in so many pieces, but it also brings healing with it.

Love feels like a conundrum at times. How can something that brings so much happiness also cause so much pain and tears? But that’s love for you.

It’s said nothing good comes easy and love is great! And for it to work, you have to truly open yourself to another and bear your all. It stems from a pure place and until both parties really let go and let each other in, you never really get to experience the depth of it.

I have loved and lost. I have hurt others in the name of love. I have walked away from love because I did not really know what to do with it. I have run to love so fast, only to hit a brick wall because I loved the wrong people. 

I have had some awesome and some crappy times in the name of love. And all things withstanding, I choose love over and over again. Yes, I know there’s a high chance of pain the deeper you fall, but I really don’t care. Because love is a journey; it is not a destination. And so yes, you may need to change buses or trains on the way, but the journey continues. You may have to start afresh with someone new because the last one didn’t work out; but as long as you remember that love is a journey and that it can be shared with anyone, then heartbreaks will stop hurting so much. 


Yes you will cry and mourn, but you will not allow it to define you or break you because you will understand, that love is the journey and the journey is not about one person. You can always love again, and again, and again. 

Don’t stay in a loveless relationship because you are afraid that you will not find another. You always will. Cos we are many, in this journey of love, who are always seeking a companion, to enjoy the beauty on the way!

Enjoy the journey!


Ms. Mollah



2 Replies to “The journey of Love…”

  1. Awesome write-up on love Ms. Mollah. Love is the one topic that has a limitless definition and understanding and has created more problems than anything else, yet perhaps it’s the simplest topic ever when understood. I’m still learning

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    1. Read Paulo Coelho’s Zahir. It made me look at love so differently, yet beautifully. I think it made me love love. It is a conundrum… hurts and gives joy… all in the same breath…
      Thanks for stopping by.

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