Disclaimer: There is no specific order of events I intend to use as I take this self-awareness journey. I will simply write as my words will lead. Now that that’s out of the way…

Wait, Disclaimer 2: you may find me referencing one Gary Vee a lot. He really is my guy for 2017 so bear with me.

We all have an idea of what fancy means, right? But just to create context, let’s consult Google

a feeling of liking or attraction, typically one that is superficial or transient.

I choose to go with the noun definition of the word because I feel it represents best how Gary describes it, and focus mainly on the superficial bit.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Gary has a load of experience and one of the things he cites as an enemy to success is fanciness. And what he means by fanciness is wanting to live a certain kind of life; wanting certain comforts while still wanting to make it big in your business. Success more often than not will need us to get out of our comfort zone to actually make it. It may need us to move out of that house and move back home or share an apartment so we can reduce our expenses. It may require for us to stop eating out and stop going to those weekend gigs. We have to pay the price for success. And not just success as they say,

No pain, no gain

I mean, even when you want your hair to look good, you go through a bit of discomfort to achieve the perfect look afterwards. We get the point, yes?

After listening to Gary and doing a bit of self-audit, it hit me just how fancy I really am! And it shocked me but I guess not hard enough to get me out of that state!

My Story

I walked out of a job in January because the drama was a bit too much for me to handle and they also disrespected me – (fancy). I did not know about Gary then. Lol. I walked out without a clear plan B, knowing full well I still had bills to pay. I was going to set up a business; a delivery business, but it wasn’t set up yet. And I knew very well that an idea for a business cannot become your plan B for survival but my pride and sense of entitlement got in the way (yes, I am very entitled) and walked away anyways. Someone who mattered to me then tried to advise me against it, but I wasn’t hearing none of it.

I did have an internship lined up to start in about 2 months and yes they did give an allowance but it was not going to be anything that would really support my current state of living. But it was in a company I have always wanted to work for. A branding agency. Check out their link and tell me you wouldn’t want to work with such a team. Lol.

I chose to stay in my rented house which I could barely afford. I love that house and I have managed to convince myself if I let it go I won’t get something else similar. Ok, I am a creature of habit and I do not really like my order being disrupted so… That’s the main reason behind it all. So I am still in that house that is drowning me financially, and after listening to Gary, I know it’s all about being fancy, but that’s one thing I am not yet ready to let go off. True, it is not adding much value to me right now, but I am still there.


I have made up my mind that this is one fancy I am not ready to let go of and so I need to find a way to sustain it. Besides that though, I am trying to cut back. I am keeping my hair natural, I am doing my nails at home, I try not to use a cab (I have bad days though), but I am aware. Aware of the things I need to drop and I am aware when I am indulging. I have learned to say no to certain things cos they don’t fit within my budget and not feel bad about it. It is work in progress.

I don’t know what your fancy is. I do not know what it is that’s keeping you from the thing you want, and not because you cannot do without it, but simply because it is a comfort of sorts. You can try and figure it out and start walking away from it, especially if you’re doing it or holding onto it, merely to keep up appearances. No one who matters, cares and those who care usually don’t matter. Don’t be drowning yourself in debt just so as to fit in.

Ms. Mollah


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